Geodouro recognizes Quality, Inovation and respect for the Environment, as fundamental principles in the development of its activity, focusing on meeting the requirements and expetations of its customers, employees and society in general and having as fundamental values, competence, the commitment, the professionalism, the multidisciplinarity and the cooperation. In this way, Geodouro’s Management defined and approved the following principles and commitments of action:

  • Satisfy the Customer in the services we provide in order to guarantee their trust and loyalty and also satisfy the needs and expectations of all interested parts.
  • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to our activity and the Environmental Aspects and other compliance obligations that are assumed.
  • Continue to promote and adopt good environmental practices, such as optimizing resource consumption and managing waste generated, in order to contribute to protecting the environment and preventing pollution that may be generated by our activities.
  • Ensuring appropriate conditions for compliance with all applicable legislation on Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work, as well as the appreciation, satisfaction, motivation and well-being of our Employees.
  • Continue to provide the company with human and material resources to ensure quality and excellent services, provided competitively with rigor and competence.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System implemented, ensuring compliance with its requirements and procedures, the quality of services provided and compliance with the Environmental Goals established with a view to good environmental performance.
  • Ensure compliance with the Privacy Policy applicable to the processing of all personal data collected within the scope of our activities, fulfilling with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Continue to invest in maintaining a culture of Integrity, Trust and Recognition of our quality and excellence.

Geodouro Management assumes, as its duty and responsibility, the establishment, implementation and maintenance of this Quality and Environment Policy, communicating it at all levels of the company and ensuring that it is understood. It is also made available to the general public and all interested parties, whenever requested.