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About the product

Integrated Property Management System made up of several modules that aim to respond to the needs of different agricultural actors, covering the main operational areas of agricultural holdings. System accessible via the internet, through the address, with mobile applications available, thus enhancing the mobility of its users. Based on GIS technologies, it allows, in real time, the implementation of innovative control, production and management processes. The planning of agricultural activities, the optimization of costs, the traceability of all processes are aspects that allow achieving the main objective: to ensure the quality of the products sold.


Accessible via the internet, with mobile applications running on the network and/or offline, ensuring operational mobility


Interactive maps with geographical representation of farms


Full integration between modules, management and cross-referencing of data from different sources and converging on individual needs


Possibility of integration with other existing management systems in the entities (PHC, SAGE, Primavera, among others).

Modules available in SIGP:


Inventory of data from agricultural holdings, with their geographical representation in a GIS system, recording of activities carried out on holdings with association of human resources, equipment and products, cost control and availability of statistics and reports to support agricultural management.


Innovative module for managing emblematic old vines of an entity. Point-by-point representation of planting, with representation of the vines, faults and stems and with the possibility of identifying the variety of each vine, thus allowing the preservation of the cadastral heritage of these high-value vineyards. A set of functionalities are also available that allow the recording of monitoring actions carried out throughout the crop cycle, plant by plant.


Inventory of data from agricultural holdings, with geographical representation of the same in a GIS system, recording of monitoring monitoring of customer/partner plots (generic field visits, evaluation of pests, diseases, risks, production estimates, maturation controls, among others), availability of statistics and reports to support the activity of technicians.


Possibility of managing field notebooks for several customers per entity. Importation of information from UPs, management of plant and animal practices, from the four foreseen annexes, additional annex for the registration of phytopharmaceuticals used, complying with article 17 of law 26/2013. Report generation of the Field Notebook by client and maintenance of historical information.


Management of the entire wine production process, from receiving the grapes to leaving the bottle for sale. It includes input management, fermentation process, storage, deposits, batches, packaging, labeling, consumable stock management and product output for sale. It provides a set of statistics and reports to support process management, with emphasis on guaranteeing wine traceability throughout the winery process.


Management of the entire olive oil production process, from receiving the olives to leaving the bottle for sale. It includes management of inputs, the process of transforming olives into oil, recording of analyzes carried out, recording of several types of operations (racking, filtering, losses, …), management of deposits, batches, packaging and stock control. It provides a set of statistics and reports to support the management of the process, with emphasis on ensuring the traceability of the olive oil throughout the entire mill process.


Availability of meteorological iinformation, geolocated to the location of agricultural properties, directed to agriculture (air temperature, relative humidity, temperature accumulated, total daily precipitation, cold hours, wetting period, number of hours of wet leaf, …), the possibility of integrating stations and sensors installed on farms, storing data in history and issuing alerts.


Integration of different types of sensors used in agriculture (EMA’s, Soil Probes, Irrigation Systems, among others), made available by different suppliers, with the possibility of integrating both systems or integrating the data measured in the sensors in the SIGP, with the availability of charts and statistics for the evolution of measurements and issuing of warnings and alerts on climatological occurrences with implications for the cultures of customers.